Leaf Trading Cards Revitalizes Press Pass Brand, Introduces New Lineup Featuring JuJu Lewis

Leaf Trading Cards has announced its acquisition of the iconic trading card brand, Press Pass. With Press Pass ceasing its operations in 2015, this move by Leaf marks a significant development in the trading card industry. Press Pass, known for its innovative approach to memorabilia cards, had been highly regarded for its NASCAR sets and NFL Draft products, the last of which were released in 2014.

Leaf Trading Cards, known for its commitment to innovation and tradition, plans to breathe new life into the Press Pass brand. The relaunch will be spearheaded by a football trading card box that specifically highlights the talents of JuJu Lewis, a high school junior who is considered one of the top quarterback prospects committed to USC for the class of 2025. This move highlights Leaf’s dedication to showcasing emerging talent in the world of sports.

Heading the relaunch is Kevin O’Neil, the current CEO of Leaf Trading Cards who previously held the position of Director of Sales at Press Pass during its influential years. With his unique perspective, O’Neil plans to release standalone Press Pass products that not only pay homage to the brand’s storied past but also bring a modern twist to the collections.

Press Pass is widely credited with pioneering the memorabilia card segment in the trading card industry. One of its notable innovations was the inclusion of race-used tires in its 1996 NASCAR release, setting a precedent for the integration of authentic memorabilia into cards. This trend continued with the introduction of race-used sheet metal cards and marked another milestone with the first game-used jersey basketball cards in a draft product that showcased future NBA stars, including Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson.

By acquiring and reinvigorating the Press Pass brand, Leaf Trading Cards is strategically expanding its product offerings. This move aims to merge nostalgia with contemporary sports memorabilia, catering to a new generation of collectors while still appealing to established enthusiasts within the trading card market. The relaunch promises to introduce the Press Pass legacy to a new generation of collectors, all while continuing to push boundaries and innovate within the industry.

Leaf Trading Cards’ acquisition and relaunch of the Press Pass brand signify a new chapter in the trading card industry. With Leaf’s dedication to showcasing emerging talent and its commitment to preserving the legacy of Press Pass, collectors and enthusiasts can look forward to exciting and innovative collections that pay tribute to the brand’s influential history. As Leaf Trading Cards continues to push the boundaries, the relaunched Press Pass brand is set to make a significant impact in the world of trading cards once again.


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