Iconic Signed Photo of Ruth and Gehrig by Arthur Hull Hits the Auction Block

In the world of baseball memorabilia, there are some items that hold a special place due to their historical significance and the stories they tell. One such artifact is a recently discovered photograph of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, signed by the two baseball legends themselves. This extraordinary piece, authenticated as a Type 1 original by professional sports authenticator PSA, is a true testament to the legacy of two of baseball’s greatest figures.

The photograph, taken by renowned photographer Arthur Hull during the Yankees’ spring training camp between 1927 and 1931, beautifully captures Ruth and Gehrig in a relaxed moment, showcasing their camaraderie and joy. The meticulous preservation of this photograph reflects Hull’s dedication to his craft and his subjects. Keith Breitweiser, an acquisitions specialist at Lelands, the auction house handling the sale, praises the exceptional quality of both the autographs and the photograph itself, stating, “These are the two most iconic players who ever played the game on the most iconic team. The autographs are some of the nicest you’ll find.”

The journey of this photograph to the auction block is a fascinating tale of historical preservation and serendipity. After Hull’s passing in 1969, his collection, including this signed photograph, was acquired by Karl Allison and a friend from Hull’s widow. The acquisition, made for a nominal sum, revealed a treasure trove of negatives and photographs spanning Hull’s illustrious five-decade career. Among these precious items was the signed photograph of Ruth and Gehrig, which Allison decided to keep, safeguarding it from light and creating a duplicate for display.

This photograph holds more than just visual appeal; it presents a rare opportunity to own a piece of sports history. Signed photographs of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, especially those authenticated as Type 1 originals and in excellent condition, are exceptionally scarce and highly sought after by collectors. Consequently, the upcoming auction, commencing on February 25, is expected to attract significant interest from both avid collectors and baseball enthusiasts. It provides a unique chance to acquire a tangible piece of baseball’s storied past.

This upcoming auction not only shines a spotlight on the enduring fascination with Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig but also emphasizes the importance of meticulous preservation and the role of photography in capturing and preserving the legends of the sport. As this exceptional photograph prepares to find a new home, it continues to celebrate the legacy of two individuals who have become synonymous with baseball greatness. Arthur Hull’s lens immortalized Ruth and Gehrig, and through the decades, this photograph has stood as a testament to their monumental impact on the game and American culture at large.

In conclusion, the auction of this iconic signed photograph of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig by Arthur Hull represents a unique opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts alike to own a tangible piece of baseball history. With its exceptional condition and authentication as a Type 1 original, this photograph truly captures the unmatched legacy of these legendary baseball figures. As the bidding begins on February 25, the excitement mounts, as this rare artifact captures the hearts of those who appreciate the storied past of America’s favorite pastime.


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