Babe Ruth’s Dual-Signed 1916 World Series Glove Expected to Fetch Over $1 Million

In the world of sports memorabilia, few items carry as much allure as those connected to baseball legend Babe Ruth. Now, a remarkable artifact from his early career is capturing the attention of collectors around the globe. A baseball glove, authenticated with two signatures of Babe Ruth and inscribed for its use in the 1916 World Series, is set to take center stage at Heritage Auctions. With experts projecting a final price well over $1 million, this rare piece of history promises to be a record-breaking sale.

This Spalding baseball glove from 1916 is not just any glove. It is a direct link to Babe Ruth’s time with the Boston Red Sox during the 1916 World Series, making it a window into the rich history of the sport. Sports memorabilia enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the auction, recognizing the glove’s immense historical significance and rarity. Experts predict that its final hammer price will surpass the million-dollar mark, solidifying its place as one of the most sought-after items in the market.

The journey of this glove to the auction block is as captivating as its former owner. Joe E. Brown, an entertainment icon known for his contributions to acting, comedy, and sports broadcasting in the 1930s, was also a passionate collector of sports memorabilia. Among his impressive collection, which has stood the test of time, this glove stands out as a true gem. Brown’s legacy may have faded from the public’s memory, but it lives on through rare artifacts like this one.

What sets this glove apart is the fact that it bears not one, but two signatures of Babe Ruth. The first signature, dated back to 1916, was shared with Ruth’s teammates during the Red Sox’s triumphant World Series victory over the Brooklyn Robins. The second signature, accompanied by Ruth’s handwritten note stating “Glove I used in the 1916 World Series,” was added later, solidifying its connection to his early career. Additionally, the glove features autographs from other members of the Red Sox team, including Harry Hooper, Duffy Lewis, Larry Gardner, and Tillie Walker. This combination of signatures and historical significance amplifies the glove’s value as a truly extraordinary piece of baseball history.

The auction for this iconic glove has already attracted fervent initial bidding, with the price quickly surpassing $300,000 within the first day. This early surge in interest is a testament to the global appeal of the artifact, leaving Heritage Auctions optimistic that it will reach or even exceed the remarkable $1 million mark. This auction follows the success of a previous sale involving another Ruth-related item—a glove gifted to Jimmy Austin, which fetched an impressive $1.5 million. This previous record sets a precedent for the high market value of authentic Babe Ruth memorabilia.

The legitimacy of the glove’s signatures has been confirmed through authentication by Beckett and PSA/DNA. Steve Grad of Beckett, describing the examination as “the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” adds an additional layer of confidence to potential bidders. The authentication process ensures that this priceless artifact is indeed the real deal, enhancing its appeal among collectors looking for genuine pieces of baseball history.

Joe E. Brown’s collection, despite being previously devastated by fire, continues to make an indelible mark on the world of sports memorabilia. The auction of this Babe Ruth glove not only presents a unique opportunity for collectors to own a precious piece of baseball’s past but also pays tribute to the enduring legacy of Babe Ruth and the avid collecting passion of Joe E. Brown. As the auction date approaches, the excitement and anticipation surrounding this historic sale only continue to grow, ensuring that it will be remembered for years to come.


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