Topps Unveils Historic Negro Leagues Card Series by Micah Johnson

Topps, a renowned name in the world of trading cards, has joined forces with talented artist and former MLB player, Micah Johnson, to introduce an extraordinary series of baseball cards commemorating the legendary Negro Leagues. This unprecedented partnership has given birth to the inaugural Topps Negro Leagues Baseball Card Set, a project that Johnson proudly hails as one of his most significant achievements. The debut of the series commenced with the unveiling of a remarkable Satchel Paige card in Kansas City, marking the beginning of the “Road to Rickwood” initiative.

As the excitement builds, a new card will be revealed weekly in anticipation of the highly-anticipated Rickwood Classic, leading up to a special MLB game set at Rickwood Field on June 20, 2024. This monumental event, along with the card series, serves as a homage to the oldest professional ballpark in the United States and the former residence of the esteemed Birmingham Black Barons. To amplify the commemoration, towering 24-foot tall replicas of each card will be showcased at various MLB ballparks across the country.

Meet the Artist: Micah Johnson has gracefully transitioned from his professional baseball career to pursue his passion for art, emerging as a respected artist on a mission to inspire and empower through his creations. Johnson’s artwork for the Topps series stands out with intricately designed, hand-drawn portraits of iconic Negro Leagues players, blending artistic finesse with historical reverence.

The Collectible Experience: Beyond the base cards, collectors are in for a treat as they have the chance to acquire limited edition Numbered Parallel Cards in each print run. These sought-after parallels feature distinctive borders, adding a touch of rarity and allure to the already covetable collector’s items. The range includes Silver Border (/99), Blue Border (/49), Purple Border (/25), Red Border (/10), Orange Border (/5), and the ultimate rarity, Gold Border (/1), elevating the thrill of collecting for enthusiasts.

This card series not only celebrates the profound history and enduring legacy of the Negro Leagues but also provides fans and collectors with a unique opportunity to own a piece of art encapsulating the essence of these revered baseball icons. With weekly releases scheduled every Thursday until June 20, followers are eagerly awaiting each new addition to this remarkable and historic collection.


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