McFarlane Toys and UFC Join Forces for Collectible Figures

In a thrilling fusion of sports and collectibles, McFarlane Toys and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) have struck a groundbreaking deal to produce a series of captivating figures. This unprecedented collaboration will see the creation of meticulously crafted 6-inch figures that encapsulate the essence and intensity of UFC’s most iconic fighters and their legendary moments within the octagon.

The announcement, made jointly from the vibrant city of Las Vegas and the bustling town of Tempe, Arizona, on May 15, 2024, has set the stage for an innovative approach to sports memorabilia. Designed to resonate with both traditional collectors and tech-savvy enthusiasts, these figures will be offered in physical form for those who prefer tangible items and in digital format for those who fancy virtual collectibles.

Todd McFarlane, the brilliant mind behind McFarlane Toys, exuded enthusiasm about this exciting venture. Recognizing UFC’s meteoric rise to prominence as a powerhouse in the sports realm, McFarlane eagerly anticipates translating the exhilarating spirit of UFC contests into lifelike figurines. “Crafting authentic and intricately detailed figures that mirror the intense energy of UFC matches is a thrilling prospect for us,” McFarlane shared, underlining his eagerness to witness fans’ response to these unique collectibles.

Tracey Bleczinski, the esteemed Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Products at UFC, echoed McFarlane’s sentiments, highlighting the profound attachment UFC fans maintain with the sport and their lofty expectations for genuine merchandise. She emphasized the synergistic nature of the collaboration with McFarlane Toys, renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship in figurine production. “Teaming up with McFarlane Toys, celebrated for their expertise in sculpting meticulous collectible figures, is a natural fit for us. We are delighted to animate our athletes in a manner that will captivate and resonate with our devoted fans,” Bleczinski stated.

Scheduled for release in the autumn of 2024, the new line of UFC collectible figures is poised to make a significant impact on the collectibles market, appealing to enthusiasts worldwide. With a dual distribution strategy encompassing online sales and select retail outlets internationally, fans will have unfettered access to these coveted items. Additionally, aficionados can acquire digital replicas of the collectibles through a specialized platform at, ensuring a seamless transition between physical and virtual realms of collecting.

This revolutionary collaboration between McFarlane Toys and UFC promises to revolutionize the collectible landscape for UFC aficionados, providing them with a fresh avenue to engage with their beloved athletes. By offering intricately designed and meticulously detailed figurines, this partnership will enable fans to revisit the adrenaline-pumping moments of UFC bouts, immortalized in the form of high-quality collectibles.


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