Topps Reclaims UFC Trading Card License in New Fanatics Collectibles Deal

In an exciting development for trading card enthusiasts and mixed martial arts fans, the UFC trading card license is returning to Topps. Through a newly forged exclusive multi-year agreement with Fanatics Collectibles, Topps will once again be at the forefront of producing UFC trading cards. This move marks a significant moment for UFC collectibles, as Topps had previously held the license from 2009 to 2020 before Panini America took over for a brief period of three years.

The collaboration, facilitated with the support of UFC’s licensing agent IMG, holds great promise for the world of UFC collectibles. The first product to be released under this renewed partnership will be the highly anticipated 2024 Topps Chrome UFC, set to hit stores on February 28.

Tracey Bleczinski, Senior Vice President of UFC Global Consumer Products, conveyed her excitement about the reunion, acknowledging the vibrant market for UFC collectibles driven by the sport’s immense popularity and its exceptional athletes. This revitalized collaboration aims to provide the fervent UFC fanbase with fresh opportunities to engage with the sport and their adored fighters through a range of collectibles.

Mike Mahan, CEO of Fanatics Collectibles, expressed his enthusiasm as well, emphasizing the immense popularity of UFC trading cards among collectors and the company’s commitment to innovation in capturing the essence of the sport’s rising stars through their trading cards. Fanatics Collectibles plans to leverage its Fanatics Live platform, a dynamic live breaking and commerce platform, to promote the UFC trading card line. This initiative will feature athlete interviews and live card breaks with fighters, deepening the connection between fans and their favorite athletes and enhancing the overall collecting experience.

It is worth noting that UFC and Fanatics already have a successful partnership in the realm of memorabilia and apparel. Fans can already find a range of products at events and through the UFC Commerce online store. This new extension of the partnership with Topps under the Fanatics umbrella aims to further enhance the existing relationship, offering UFC enthusiasts an even greater selection of memorabilia and collectibles to celebrate their passion for mixed martial arts.

The return of Topps as the licensee for UFC trading cards brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. As the previous longtime holder of the license, Topps has a deep understanding of the sport and its fans’ preferences. With their reentry into the UFC trading card market, fans can expect the same high-quality cards, stunning designs, and comprehensive coverage of the sport’s biggest stars that they have come to appreciate.

The partnership between Topps, Fanatics Collectibles, and UFC promises to create an exciting era for UFC trading cards and collectibles. With the combined strengths of these industry leaders, fans can look forward to an expanded range of offerings and engaging experiences that bring them closer to the action and the fighters they admire. As the exclusive producer of UFC trading cards, Topps is set to make a triumphant return to the octagon.


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