Rare Discovery: Unopened 1963 Exhibit Baseball Cards Emerge from the Past

In a thrilling development for sports memorabilia enthusiasts, a remarkable collection of approximately 2,000 unopened 1963 Exhibit “stat back” baseball cards has recently come to light. Encased in their original brown packaging, these cards are creating considerable buzz within the hobby due to their untouched state. The discovery was unveiled through a captivating social media post featuring a vintage arcade machine reminiscent of the ones that once dispensed these coveted cards.

Bill Mendel, an esteemed figure in the sports memorabilia industry, expressed his astonishment upon receiving news of the find from a contact on the east coast. The contact, who had ties to the arcade business, had acquired the cards from Mike Munves in New York—a well-known distributor and repairer of arcade machines during the 1950s and 60s. The sealed packages, bearing Exhibit Supply’s Chicago address, were deemed authentic and instantly recognized for their historical significance.

Representing Memorabilia Experts, a reputable Las Vegas-based memorabilia store and auction house, Mendel promptly arranged for the consignment of this extraordinary collection. These unopened bricks are likely to contain multiple complete sets of the 64-card series, potentially valuing each pack in the thousands given their pristine, uncirculated condition. Additionally, the haul included a partially opened fifth package and hundreds of loose cards, featuring the likes of ten Hank Aarons, ten Willie Mays, nine Mickey Mantles, and other baseball legends, further enhancing the rarity of this find.

The 1963 “stat back” cards, notable for their red-printed career statistics, are a treasure to behold due to their unique size and quality. While loose cards from this era and series are not uncommon, stumbling upon them in unopened vending packages is exceptionally rare. Similar items have been known to fetch high prices in the collector’s market, adding to the allure and prestige surrounding this unique discovery.

This outstanding collection, encompassing both the unopened bricks and the loose cards, is now set to grace the auction block, drawing considerable interest and sparking enthusiastic bids. The upcoming auction not only presents an unparalleled opportunity for collectors but also pays homage to the captivating history and sentimental value associated with the pursuit of baseball cards—a reminder of a bygone era when obtaining a card was as straightforward as inserting a coin into a vending machine.

For Mendel and Memorabilia Experts, successfully securing these items for auction is a momentous achievement that sheds light on the enduring appeal and thrill of unearthing sports memorabilia gems. Whether the winning bidders choose to open the packs or keep them sealed, the mere existence of these cards in their original state is a triumph for collectors and historians alike, celebrating the enduring legacy of baseball’s illustrious past.


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