Tom Brady’s Unique Baseball Card Unveiled in 2023 Bowman Draft

Topps is getting ready to release its highly anticipated 2023 Bowman Draft Baseball collection, and they’re shaking things up by featuring none other than former NFL star Tom Brady. Known for his immense success in football, many might not know that Brady was also a talented multi-sport athlete during his high school years. Now, collectors will have the chance to own a piece of history as Brady dons a Montreal Expos jersey on these unique baseball cards.

In a surprising move, Topps has created 81 autographed cards of Brady for this series. The excitement is being amplified with the release of an amusing video soon. However, even before the video drops, one card has already grabbed everyone’s attention. It features Brady with an inscription that hints at his alternate sports path, humorously suggesting that if his baseball dreams didn’t pan out, football was always a viable option. Additionally, a French inscription pays tribute to the Montreal Expos, further adding to the card’s appeal.

By far the highlight of this collection is an autographed card numbered 12/50, a clear nod to Brady’s iconic jersey number. This card alone has caused quite a stir, with a private collector offering an astonishing $500,000 for it. But that’s not all; there’s also a rare 1-of-1 SuperFractor autographed card that has collectors eagerly searching for it.

What makes Brady’s appearance in this collection even more intriguing is the fact that he is the last player drafted by the Montreal Expos to retire from professional sports. After the Expos relocated to Washington, D.C., and became the Nationals in 2004, Brady’s connection to the franchise became even more significant.

For collectors eagerly awaiting the release of the 2023 Bowman Draft, there will be two formats available: Hobby and Jumbo. Hobby boxes will include three autographs per box, while Jumbo boxes will offer a whopping five autographs. The official release is scheduled for Tuesday, December 12, but some lucky individuals have already gotten their hands on boxes. Hit Factory Sports Cards in Arizona has unveiled a non-signed Brady card, giving fans a glimpse of what to expect.

If you can’t wait for the official release, you’ll be pleased to know that autographed Brady cards have already started popping up on eBay. This has caused a frenzy among collectors who are eager to snatch up these prized possessions. It’s clear that the combination of Brady’s star power and the uniqueness of these baseball cards have created a perfect storm of excitement among fans and collectors alike.

In conclusion, Topps is breaking the mold with their 2023 Bowman Draft Baseball collection by featuring Tom Brady in a series of autographed cards donning a Montreal Expos jersey. With 81 autographed cards in total, including rare numbered and 1-of-1 variations, collectors are in for a treat. Make sure to mark your calendars for the official release on December 12, and keep an eye out for these highly sought-after cards that celebrate Brady’s connection to the Montreal Expos.


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