Rare T206 Plank and ‘Magie’ Error Cards Lead PWCC December Premier Auction

In the world of sports memorabilia, few items stir as much excitement as rare baseball cards, and the PWCC December Premier Auction is no exception. This highly-anticipated auction showcases two of the most coveted cards from the T206 set, known as the Big Four, which are drawing the attention of collectors worldwide.

The standout of this auction is an SGC 1 graded T206 Eddie Plank card, one of only 39 to receive a grade from SGC, with an additional 21 graded by PSA. Despite showing signs of age and wear, such as paper loss, creasing, and corner and edge damage, the value and rarity of the Plank card remain undisputed. Its appearance at auction is a noteworthy event, marking the fourth time this year a Plank card has been available for purchase. Previous sales include an SGC 1 Plank card fetching $75,000 last February and a PSA 2.5 variant commanding $168,000 in August. This particular auction presents the perfect opportunity for passionate collectors to add this highly sought-after card to their treasured collections.

Joining the Plank card is the PSA 2 graded Sherry “Magie” error card, another prestigious item from the T206 set. This card features a misspelling of Sherry Magee’s last name and stands alongside the T206 Honus Wagner and “NY Nat’l” Joe Doyle cards as one of the most renowned rarities in the collection. With its historical significance and limited availability, the Magie error card entices collectors who are eager to own a piece of baseball history.

Beyond these historic items, the PWCC December Premier Auction also features an impressive array of Michael Jordan cards, paying tribute to the enduring legacy and popularity of the basketball legend. Among the highlights of the Jordan collection are the 1997 Metal Universe Championship Precious Metals card graded BGS 9, the 1998 Skybox Premium Star Rookies card graded PSA 8, and the 1997 Skybox E-X 2001 Essential Credentials Future card graded PSA 9. Additionally, collectors will find the 1984-85 Star Company XRC card available in both PSA 8 and BGS 9 grades. With the unparalleled dominance and cultural impact of Michael Jordan, these cards hold immense value and sentimental significance for basketball enthusiasts.

In addition to the baseball and basketball offerings, the auction also presents modern hockey treasures. Amongst these treasures are the 2015-16 Upper Deck The Cup Gold Foil Connor McDavid RPA card, limited to just 12 copies, and the 2005 Upper Deck The Cup Sidney Crosby RPA card, limited to only 99 copies. Both cards are graded BGS 8, further adding to their appeal for hockey card collectors.

The PWCC December Premier Auction has already begun and will continue accepting bids until December 21st. This presents a rare opportunity for collectors to own a piece of sports history, whether it be a highly coveted T206 card like the Eddie Plank and Sherry “Magie” error cards, a remarkable collection of Michael Jordan cards, or modern hockey treasures like the Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby RPA cards. So, collectors and enthusiasts alike, seize this chance to make your mark and secure your own slice of sports memorabilia heaven.


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