Rare Tom Brady 1/1 Superfractor Baseball Card Hits Market at Goldin

A rare Bowman Chrome Tom Brady 1/1 Superfractor baseball card has made its way to the market after being released by Topps on December 12. This highly sought-after card was pulled from a pack of 2023 Bowman Chrome cards and is currently up for bid in a stand-alone auction at Goldin Co. Collectors now have the opportunity to own this unique piece of memorabilia capturing a young Tom Brady in a Montreal Expos uniform.

The 2023 Bowman Chrome set features a total of 81 Tom Brady cards, including a variety of autograph cards and Refractors. Among these cards are the coveted 1/1 Superfractor and 1/1 autographed Superfractor. As part of the launch celebration, Topps released videos showcasing Brady alongside baseball legends like Pedro Martinez, Vlad Guerrero Sr., and Larry Walker. This collaboration between two sports icons has only added to the excitement surrounding the release of the Brady cards.

The 1/1 Superfractors are particularly treasured by collectors, especially those who admire NFL legend and seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. With its rarity and significance, this card is expected to fetch a significant price at auction. Ken Goldin, the founder and CEO of Goldin, described the Superfractor as “one in a million” and emphasized its importance for any Brady collector. Goldin estimates that the autographed card could potentially command a price of over $250,000 at auction.

The Tom Brady rookie card, being a true 1-of-1, holds immense value and appeal. Its scarcity, combined with the historical significance of capturing Brady in a Montreal Expos uniform, makes it a must-have for any serious collector. As the bidding process unfolds, experts and enthusiasts alike will be eagerly monitoring the auction. The card will remain open for bids until January 13, providing ample time for interested buyers to place their offers.

The market for sports memorabilia has experienced significant growth over the years, with rare and unique items like this Tom Brady 1/1 Superfractor card commanding substantial prices. Collectors and investors alike recognize the value and potential return on investment that these distinctive pieces offer. As a result, auctions featuring rare sports cards have become highly anticipated events, drawing attention from collectors worldwide.

With the combination of Tom Brady’s status as a living legend in the NFL and the rarity of this particular card, it is no surprise that the bidding is expected to be intense. Fans and collectors will eagerly vie for the chance to own this extraordinary piece of sports history. As the deadline for bids approaches, collectors will likely engage in strategic bidding, with the ultimate goal of securing this one-of-a-kind treasure.

In conclusion, the rare Tom Brady 1/1 Superfractor baseball card has entered the market, capturing the attention of avid collectors and enthusiasts. With its unique status as a true 1-of-1 and its depiction of Brady in a Montreal Expos uniform, this card holds immense value and appeal. The auction at Goldin Co. provides a platform for collectors to place their bids, with the estimated sale price surpassing $250,000. As the auction deadline approaches, the excitement and anticipation among collectors continue to build, highlighting the enduring legacy and popularity of Tom Brady in the sports memorabilia market.


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