Extraordinary Find of Vintage Baseball Cards, Including Babe Ruth and ‘Shoeless’ Joe Jackson

A recent remarkable discovery has sent shockwaves through the sports memorabilia world. The son of a longtime collector has unearthed a remarkable collection of 1920s vintage baseball cards, showcasing iconic players like Babe Ruth and “Shoeless” Joe Jackson. The cards, meticulously preserved in a 100-year-old tobacco tin by the collector’s family, are now set to be auctioned by Auction Monthly.

The collection was amassed by Ed, a dedicated baseball fan and purchasing agent from Northern California. Valuing the preservation of vintage memorabilia, Ed’s family has taken great care in maintaining the collection throughout the years. While the cards may not be in gem-mint condition, they are still highly sought after due to their rarity and historical significance.

Among the coveted cards in Ed’s collection are those of the infamous 1919 “Black Sox” team, whose players conspired to throw the World Series. This scandal rocked the baseball world and forever tarnished the sport’s integrity. The collection also features cards of other Baseball Hall of Famers, providing a comprehensive overview of the era.

One notable gem in the collection is the 1919-21 W514 “Shoeless” Joe Jackson card, a highly sought-after piece among collectors. The image of the legendary player, known for his incredible ability but also his involvement in the Black Sox scandal, adds an extra layer of intrigue to the card. Additionally, multiple Babe Ruth cards from various series make up a significant portion of the collection, showcasing the rise of the Sultan of Swat during this era.

Upon discovering this remarkable collection, Auction Monthly’s vice president, Brandon, highlighted its rarity and excitement. With an initial estimate in the high six figures, collectors and baseball enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the auction. The opportunity to own a piece of history, combined with the allure of such legendary players, is expected to drive intense bidding.

Although the cards may not be in pristine condition, the historical significance and rarity make them highly valuable. The collection includes cards from different series, such as the 1921 E220 National Caramel Babe Ruth and the 1922 American Caramel E121 Babe Ruth, as well as cards featuring Ty Cobb from the same era. Each card tells a story, preserving the memories of a bygone era of baseball.

Auction Monthly plans to have approximately 80 of the cards graded, which will undoubtedly generate even more interest among collectors. The grading process will provide a clearer understanding of the cards’ condition and potentially enhance their value. With the auction scheduled for the first quarter of 2024, collectors have plenty of time to prepare for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of baseball history.

As Ed’s son begins the process of downsizing his father’s collection, he has made the decision to auction most of the cards. However, he intends to keep a few cards and his father’s baseball glove as cherished mementos. The auction represents not only an opportunity for collectors, but also a chance to honor Ed’s passion for the game and his dedication to preserving the past.

In conclusion, the discovery of this extraordinary collection of vintage baseball cards, featuring legends like Babe Ruth and “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, is a dream come true for collectors and enthusiasts. The historical value, rarity, and connection to a bygone era of baseball make these cards highly sought after. With Auction Monthly preparing to auction the collection, collectors have a unique opportunity to own a piece of baseball history and be a part of this extraordinary find.


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