Mickey Mantle 1953 World Series Bat up for Auction

A baseball treasure with a tale as captivating as its on-field feats has emerged as the centerpiece of Heritage Auctions. This historical auction features a game-used bat wielded by none other than the legendary Mickey Mantle during the 1953 World Series, promising a trip down memory lane for sports enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The bat’s journey to the auction podium began when Mantle, alongside fellow baseball greats Allie Reynolds and Bobby Morgan, graced the Oklahoma City YMCA Junior Baseball banquet. Among the prizes up for grabs was Mantle’s cherished K55 model bat, a weapon that had seen action under the bright lights of the World Series just a year prior. Young Robert Nance was the fortunate recipient of this illustrious piece, having earned it for his outstanding fundraising efforts.

Weighing in at just under 34 ounces and measuring 35.5 inches, this bat has been meticulously authenticated and graded a perfect PSA/DNA GU 10, signifying its impeccable condition and unquestionable authenticity. What truly sets this artifact apart is Mantle’s personal connection to it; the baseball icon himself recounted its use during the 1953 World Series to Nance, pointing out the remnants of paint from the Yankee Stadium dugout. It was with this very bat that Mantle dazzled the crowds by delivering two home runs against the Brooklyn Dodgers, including his sole postseason grand slam, aiding the New York Yankees in clinching their fifth consecutive World Series victory.

The bat’s provenance is further solidified by a heartfelt letter penned by Nance, recounting the moment Mantle handed this prized possession to him. Complementing this unique backstory is confirmation from PSA/DNA bat expert John Taube, who traced the bat’s lineage back to 1953 through meticulous factory records. The bat’s exceptional condition, adorned with an array of ball marks, stitch impressions, and blue rack streaks, only adds to its tangible link to baseball history.

Described by Heritage Auctions as a gem amongst Mantle memorabilia, this bat is deemed “unquestionably one of the finest” to grace the auction circuit. Prospective bidders have until Friday, May 17, to stake their claim on this invaluable piece of sports history, with the price anticipated to soar well into six figures. The high bidding expectations are spurred by the bat’s dual significance—historic performance on the field and an endearing connection to a young fan, ensuring its place as a coveted highlight of any baseball memorabilia collection.


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