Anthony Edwards Cards Heat Up Market

Anthony Edwards, affectionately nicknamed “AntMan,” has become a powerhouse in the world of basketball trading cards. The rising star from the Minnesota Timberwolves has been setting the market on fire, with a staggering $3 million in sales recorded on eBay within the past three weeks alone. This surge in demand for Edwards’ trading cards highlights the increasing value of memorabilia tied to the promising NBA sensation.

In a remarkable display of his growing popularity, thirteen of Edwards’ cards have recently been sold for prices exceeding $10,000 each. Particularly noteworthy is a 2020 National Treasures Rookie Patch Autograph (RPA) card, a limited edition of just 99 copies, featuring a pristine PSA ’10’ autograph grade that was snapped up for an impressive $30,000. Another standout sale was an NT RPA graded 9.5/10 by Beckett, which fetched over $85,000 at a Goldin auction last week. Additionally, a game-worn jersey from Edwards’ rookie season garnered significant attention and high bids, further emphasizing the strong demand for his memorabilia in the current market.

The ardor for Edwards’ collectibles is clearly exemplified by the constant presence of his cards on the list of most-watched basketball card auctions on eBay. This growing attention not only mirrors the increasing value of his sports memorabilia but also reflects his outstanding performance on the basketball court. Despite being in just his fourth NBA season and not even 23 years old yet, Edwards has been averaging close to 23 points per game, playing a pivotal role in driving the Timberwolves towards a potentially extended playoff journey. With his standout statistics and escalating prominence, Edwards has undeniably elevated his status in the NBA since joining the league following a single year at the University of Georgia.

For enthusiasts and collectors eager to discover which of Edwards’ cards are currently in high demand, a detailed report published in 2021 offers further insights. As Edwards continues to shape his career and further solidify his position in the NBA, the interest in his trading cards and memorabilia is expected to surge, reflecting his burgeoning star power in both the basketball realm and the realm of sports collectibles.


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