Legendary Baseball Cards Auction: T206 Magie, Babe Ruth, and More

Huggins & Scott, a renowned name in the world of sports memorabilia auctions, is set to enthral baseball enthusiasts with a remarkable collection up for grabs this spring. Among the treasures awaiting passionate collectors is the coveted T206 Sherry “Magie” error card, a prized possession among the elite ‘Big Four’ of the T206 series. The Magie card’s rarity stems from a printing error that misspelled outfielder Sherry Magee’s name, catapulting it into the realm of highly sought-after baseball cards alongside legends like Honus Wagner, Eddie Plank, and Doyle NY Nat’l.

In a surprising twist, the auction also unveils a set of three previously undiscovered 1910 Baltimore News Orioles cards. These cards, featuring the pre-1914 BN set that includes Babe Ruth’s rookie card, symbolize a significant find in the realm of baseball card collecting, adding a layer of excitement to the auction event.

Delving into the pre-war highlights of the auction, collectors will be delighted to find a range of cherished cards, including a 1934 World Wide Gum Babe Ruth (PSA 3) and Lou Gehrig (SGC 3), an 1887 N28 Allen & Ginter Mike “King” Kelly (SGC 6), an 1888 N28 Allen & Ginter John Montgomery Ward (PSA 6), and a 1917 E135 Collins-McCarthy Honus Wagner (PSA 4). These vintage gems offer a glimpse into the rich history of baseball memorabilia.

Moreover, the auction boasts an impressive selection of post-war baseball cards, featuring iconic pieces such as a 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle rookie card (PSA 3), a 1948-49 Leaf Jackie Robinson rookie (PSA 2), Hank Aaron’s 1954 Topps rookie (PSA 6) and 1955 Topps (PSA 8), a 1955 Topps Sandy Koufax (PSA 7), and a 1952 Topps Eddie Mathews rookie high number (PSA 4). For enthusiasts of signed memorabilia, the auction offers a 1961 Topps set with 524 autographed cards out of 572, alongside signatures from baseball legends like Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and Roberto Clemente.

The bidding excitement is already underway, with collectors vying for their chance to own a piece of baseball history. Bids will be accepted until Thursday, April 4, closing at 9 PM ET. This auction presents a unique opportunity for passionate collectors to add rare and sought-after memorabilia to their prized collections. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a budding enthusiast, this auction promises a thrilling journey through the annals of baseball history.


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