Knoxville Store Burglarized: Autographed Jerseys Stolen

In a daring act of theft, Cody Denning found himself in hot water after being arrested and charged with a string of offenses following his brazen break-in at Underdog Collectibles in Knoxville. The Knoxville Police Department wasted no time in apprehending Denning, accusing him of burglary, theft of property, and vandalism in connection with the incident that transpired at the store.

Denning’s nefarious plan unfolded on the night of May 18, as he first visited Underdog Collectibles to scope out the valuable autographed jerseys he later absconded with. Security footage revealed his initial visit at around 8:50 p.m., where he meticulously examined and shuffled the jerseys, laying the groundwork for his subsequent criminal activities. Seemingly hinting at his malicious intent, he was caught mentioning his plans to his wife, setting the stage for his illicit return.

Under the cover of darkness, Denning ultimately executed his sinister plan by forcefully breaking into the store, shattering the storefront window with a rock. The heist resulted in the disappearance of a staggering 17 autographed jerseys, amounting to a sizeable loss of nearly $22,000 for the unfortunate store owners. Denning’s swift and calculated actions during the break-in allowed him to carry out two separate thefts in the early hours of the morning and evade immediate detection.

However, Denning’s ill-gotten gains did not remain undetected for long. His misguided efforts to offload some of the stolen jerseys were captured on camera as he attempted to sell two of them at a nearby sports retailer, Pro Image Sports located in West Town Mall. This crucial footage, coupled with the recovery of multiple missing hats from Denning’s vehicle, provided irrefutable evidence of his involvement in the elaborate theft scheme.

In the aftermath of the incident, Underdog Collectibles took to social media to enlist the public’s support in the recovery and apprehension process. They implored individuals who might come across the pilfered jerseys to reach out and facilitate the verification process through the serial numbers provided by the store. By rallying the community’s assistance, the store aimed to thwart any further attempts at profiting from the stolen merchandise and enhance their chances of retrieving the pilfered items in their entirety.

Despite the heist causing some physical damage to the store, Underdog Collectibles reassured concerned patrons that the structural harm was minimal and, most importantly, that no individuals were harmed during the break-in. The store remains steadfast in their call for help from the public, urging anyone with information on the whereabouts of the stolen jerseys to step forward and aid in the ongoing efforts to bring the perpetrator to justice and secure the return of the valuable merchandise.

With Cody Denning now in custody and facing the legal consequences of his audacious actions, the focus shifts to the recovery and restoration process for Underdog Collectibles, as they collaborate with law enforcement and the community to ensure that justice is served and the stolen autographed jerseys find their way back to their rightful owners.


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