Fanatics Acquires Premier League Card License in 2025

In a high-profile move set to shake up the sports collectibles realm, Fanatics is poised to reclaim the licensing rights for producing trading cards and stickers for the Premier League, the apex of professional soccer, starting from the 2025/26 season. This marks a significant shift as Fanatics takes over from Panini, who will retain the license until May 2025.

Fanatics, known for its recent acquisition of the esteemed Topps brand in January 2022, boasts rights to various major sports leagues and events such as the NBA, NFL, UFC, and Formula 1, alongside the Bundesliga and UEFA Club Competitions. The latest deal with the Premier League is expected to elevate Fanatics’ profile, particularly strengthening its presence in the European market.

With the Premier League housing six of the world’s top ten most valuable soccer clubs, the extensive global fanbase of the league adds weight to the potential influence of this collaboration. Will Brass, Chief Commercial Officer of the Premier League, expressed excitement about working with Fanatics, highlighting the company’s dedication to innovation and proven track record in enhancing fan engagement through collectibles.

David Leiner, President of Trading Cards at Fanatics Collectibles, shared insights with ESPN regarding the company’s strategic focus on expanding the trading card sector in Europe, historically dominated by sticker collecting. Leiner pointed out the Premier League’s interest in Fanatics’ unique approach to collectibles and admired how the company has cultivated player relationships, including collaborations with stars like Tom Brady and Ronald Acuna Jr.

Furthermore, in addition to the upcoming card and sticker license, Fanatics has existing e-commerce and licensed apparel partnerships with The FA and various Premier League clubs, further embedding itself within the fabric of English football. This fresh alliance is set to reshape the collectibles landscape, offering enthusiasts around the world a more immersive and expansive collecting experience starting in the 2025/26 season.

Overall, the reacquisition of the Premier League card and sticker license by Fanatics marks a pivotal development in the sports collectibles industry, underscoring the company’s commitment to innovation, global expansion, and fan engagement through unique and diverse collectible offerings. As fans eagerly await the debut of Fanatics-produced cards and stickers in the Premier League realm, this partnership signals a new era of excitement and possibilities for collectors worldwide.


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