Whatnot Rewards Club Enhances Buyer-Seller Interactions

Whatnot is buzzing with excitement as they unveil their latest innovation – the Rewards Club. This loyalty program is set to revolutionize the interactions between buyers and sellers, making transactions smoother and more rewarding for all involved.

**What is Rewards Club?**

The Rewards Club is a dynamic loyalty program that offers a host of benefits to both buyers and sellers. It serves as a platform to grow seller businesses, monitor buyer interactions, and provide enticing rewards and recognition. The program is always active, easily accessible, and fosters stronger connections between buyers and sellers, ultimately leading to increased sales.

**Customizable for Sellers**

Understanding that each seller’s business is distinct, the Rewards Club is designed to be versatile, allowing sellers to tailor the loyalty program to suit their unique community and business objectives.

**Program Structure**

The Rewards Club is structured into five tiers – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Sellers can set specific achievement targets for each tier, such as the number of shows watched, purchases made, or total amount spent, giving sellers full control over their progression within the program.

**Rewards and Benefits**

From status badges to coupons (ranging from dollar-based to percentage-based discounts and even free shipping), as well as exclusive access to tier-only shows, members can unlock a myriad of rewards and benefits by moving through the various tiers. Participation in the program is automatic upon accomplishing the set achievements.

**Seasonal Resets**

To keep things fresh and engaging, the Rewards Club undergoes a reset every three months, allowing sellers to refine and enhance their offerings. The seasonal schedule follows the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall months, ensuring consistent updates and improvements to the program.

**Customization and Management**

The Rewards Club’s adaptability is a standout feature, enabling sellers to set achievement thresholds, select appropriate rewards, and control the overall structure of their program. Sellers can initiate their program at any point during a season and make adjustments at the end of each season as needed.

**Beta Testing and Launch**

As the program is currently undergoing a beta test until August 31, the official launch of Season 1 is slated to commence on September 1. During the beta phase, sellers have the flexibility to modify their tiers or cancel their programs by liaising with their Account Manager or the Whatnot Support team.

**Getting Started**

For early access to edit tiers ahead of the Season 1 launch, interested parties can join the waitlist for the Rewards Club. However, there are specific criteria that sellers must meet to participate in the program, including processing a minimum of 50 non-giveaway orders, generating over $1,000 in earnings on Whatnot, maintaining a seller rating of 4.8 or higher, and adhering to the platform’s guidelines.

**For Buyers**

Buyers are automatically enrolled in a seller’s Rewards Club upon making a purchase. They can conveniently manage coupons and rewards through the Rewards Club overview page. It’s important to note that purchases made using coupons are considered final.

**Tracking Achievements**

Achievements are tracked based on the total amount spent, encompassing taxes and shipping fees, while discounts applied through coupons do not contribute towards achieving spending milestones.

**Privacy and Transparency**

Members are granted the option to display or conceal their Rewards Badges during live shows, respecting their privacy preferences and ensuring a personalized experience.

**Questions and Support**

As the Rewards Club gains momentum, Whatnot remains committed to assisting users with any queries or issues that may arise. For prompt assistance or guidance, users can reach out to the dedicated support team.

Embrace the era of enhanced buyer-seller interactions and bountiful rewards with Whatnot’s innovative Rewards Club!


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