Unveiling the Unique 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle Card Transformation

In the exhilarating world of baseball memorabilia, a true gem has made its appearance – a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card that stands out from the rest. The seller, Greg Morris, has recently listed this extraordinary piece on eBay, sparking immense interest among collectors and fans alike.

The renowned Beckett Grading service has confirmed the authenticity of this Mantle card, which has undergone significant modifications, presumably during its time as part of a vintage scrapbook. It seems that the card has been subject to extensive trimming, resulting in the removal of a large portion of its iconic background, with only minimal traces of the bottom and right borders left untouched. The visible wear and creases on the card hint at its former glory before the alterations took place.

Turning the card over reveals another layer of complexity, as adhesive residue now covers a substantial part of the original text, suggesting that its previous owner may not have foreseen its future value as a collectible item.

With Beckett labeling this piece as Authentic/Altered, it has already traversed an intriguing path within the hobby. Although authenticated in 2017, it changed hands to Morris through a collection acquired from a different auction house.

In a market where even low-grade Mantle cards can fetch impressive prices, the “Half Mantle” card attracts particular attention due to its unique alterations. As the auction progresses, it is anticipated that this variant could potentially fetch a price reaching into the tens of thousands, highlighting its allure despite its altered state.

While this modified Mantle card may seem like a standalone oddity, it is not the only one of its kind to surface. A similar altered Mantle card was exhibited by CSG/CGC last year, showing a slightly better condition but sharing the absence of substantial sections of its original border and a compromised backside.

Despite its unconventional appearance, the ongoing bidding war underscores the enduring appeal of Mickey Mantle, proving that the legendary baseball player’s charisma transcends even the most unusual of contexts. Enthusiasts keen on unraveling the selling price of this remarkable Mantle card are advised to stay tuned and follow the auction’s developments closely.


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