Topps Enlists KPMG to Verify Fair Card Distribution

Rumblings and suspicions have walked hand-in-hand with Fanatics/Topps for quite a while within the high-value card collector community. The bone of contention – the fairness, or lack thereof, randomness in the distribution of precious collectible cards. However, seeking to flip the script and reassure skeptics, Fanatics/Topps has now engaged the auditing might of KPMG to say their piece. The mission: verify the randomness of the card distribution.

Mike Mahan, CEO of Fanatics Collectibles, made the big reveal during the Industry Conference in Atlanta. The announcement came with a ribbon of good news; KPMG, after an intensive review period, confirmed that the procedures employed by Fanatics/Topps effectively stave off any intentional placement of high-value cards to specific customers. That should hush some whispers!

Speculation has been rife about whether big fish in the collector pond were getting preferential treatment, landing many high-value cards. The social media haven’t helped, with videos of prominent breakers pulling multiple valuable cards stirring the rumor mill. But Greg Abovsky, CFO of Fanatics Collectibles, argued differently. He noted this high-return trend among major players as a probabilistic outcome rather than calculated maneuvering, owing to the colossal volumes they handle.

KPMG’s auditing journey took them into the heart of operations—the Texas-based printing facility where card creation comes to life. They pored over the production logs and the collation process for each job. Their findings echoed Topps’ claim of a genuinely random distribution of cards. It’s the first of such ambitious strides within the industry, with the goal to reassure wary hearts and dispel baseless rumors about Fanatics/Topps’ distribution process.

Abovsky also tackled another pervasive suspicion: the strategic planting of high-value cards in boxes for promotional benefits. He clarified that Fanatics has never followed such practices. The transparency campaign doesn’t end here, though. With plans to make the randomness audit an annual ritual, Fanatics is determined to keep proving their unwavering dedication to transparency and fair practices.

This strategic move by Fanatics/Topps may well be the much-needed step towards healing fractures in the community and restoring the trust of collectors and dealers alike. If nothing else, it sets an encouraging precedent for other players in the high-value card industry to follow. In the world of collectibles, transparency isn’t just appreciated—it’s imperative. So watch this space for what unfolds in this jigsaw of card distribution. Tiles are moving, and it’s time to see who manages to get the picture right!


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