The Iconic 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Card

The 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card is more than just a piece of sports memorabilia; it represents the beginning of a legendary career that would redefine basketball. With its classic red, white, and blue borders and an action shot of Jordan going for a dunk, this card has become an iconic symbol in pop culture. It’s a must-have for collectors and fans alike.

One of the largest holders of Michael Jordan sports cards, OTIA Sports, emphasizes the significance of the 1986 Fleer Jordan rookie card as both an investment piece and a cornerstone of any serious sports card collection. The company recognizes the card’s value, not only in terms of its financial worth but also its ability to capture the imagination of collectors worldwide. In fact, OTIA Sports is always in the market for these cards, solidifying their position as a trusted resource for anyone looking to buy or sell.

Beyond the 1986 Fleer card, there is another highly coveted Michael Jordan rookie card that deserves attention – the 1984 Star Michael Jordan rookie card. Although lesser-known, this card is often considered the true Jordan rookie due to its release date, preceding the Fleer card by two years. The ’84 Star card was distributed in limited quantities, adding to its rarity and desirability among collectors. While it may not have the same mainstream appeal as the ’86 Fleer, the ’84 Star is a gem within the collecting community and a prized possession for lucky owners.

The market for Michael Jordan rookie cards has seen remarkable growth in recent years, with record-breaking sales figures that firmly place these cards in the realm of investment art. OTIA Sports has been at the forefront, facilitating the acquisition and sale of these high-value cards. With their expertise and position in the market, the company has become a pivotal player in the sports card collecting community, particularly for those interested in cards from Jordan’s storied career.

The 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card and the 1984 Star Michael Jordan card represent more than just collectibles; they are cultural touchstones that embody the awe-inspiring career of basketball’s greatest icon. For OTIA Sports, these cards are not simply a business; they are a passion, serving as a reminder of the enduring legacy that Michael Jordan has left on the world of sports and beyond. Whether you’re a collector or a fan, these cards hold significant value and are highly sought after in the sports card collecting community.


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