Record-Breaking Sale: Tom Brady’s Final Game-Worn Jersey Sets Auction Record at Sotheby’s

The final NFL jersey worn by Tom Brady in his last game has made history at a Sotheby’s auction, fetching an incredible $1,391,000. This sale surpasses all previous records for the highest price paid for an NFL game-worn jersey. Brady donned the jersey during the second half of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ playoff defeat against the Dallas Cowboys on January 16, 2022. While the final sale price fell short of the pre-auction estimates of $1.5 million to $2.5 million, it still managed to exceed the previous record of $1.2 million held by a Joe Montana Super Bowl jersey.

The auction took place amidst the electrifying atmosphere of the Las Vegas Grand Prix and featured a wide range of cars and racing collectibles. Tom Brady, who retired after an impressive 23 seasons on February 1, put on a remarkable performance in his final NFL appearance. He threw for an impressive 351 yards, setting a new record for the highest yardage by any player in their last playoff game. This significant achievement only adds to the value and allure of the jersey.

The size 44 Nike jersey, bearing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers team emblem and captain’s patch, also displays visible signs of game play, such as grass stains. Additionally, it features Brady’s signature and the notable notations “My Last Game” and “GOAT Out!” These personal touches add a unique and sentimental value to the already prized piece of sports memorabilia.

This is not the first time that a jersey worn by Tom Brady has generated significant buzz and set records in the auction world. Just a few months ago, his jersey from his 700th career touchdown pass was auctioned off for charity, fetching an impressive $1.2 million. The proceeds from that auction were donated to a deserving cause, amplifying the impact of Brady’s legacy both on and off the field.

The provenance of the final game-worn jersey sold at Sotheby’s remains private, with the auction house confirming that it had been sold privately before the official auction took place. However, the details of its journey from Brady to the auction block remain undisclosed, leaving fans and collectors eagerly speculating about its history and previous owners.

Tom Brady’s illustrious career as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history has undoubtedly played a significant role in elevating the value of his memorabilia. From his multiple Super Bowl victories to his remarkable individual achievements, Brady’s impact on the sport is unparalleled. Fans and collectors alike recognize the rarity and significance of owning a piece of his legacy.

As the final whistle blew on his incredible career, Tom Brady left an indelible mark both on the field and in the hearts of football enthusiasts worldwide. The sale of his last game-worn jersey at Sotheby’s not only broke records but also solidified his place among the all-time greats of the sporting world. The combination of Brady’s unmatched talent and the sentimental value attached to his final appearance encapsulated in this jersey truly made it a prized possession for any dedicated fan or collector.

In conclusion, the sale of Tom Brady’s final game-worn jersey at Sotheby’s for a staggering $1,391,000 has set a new record for the highest price paid for an NFL game-worn jersey. This historic auction showcases the enduring allure and value of sports memorabilia, especially when associated with legendary athletes such as Tom Brady. The jersey’s connection to Brady’s last NFL appearance and the mementos it bears further elevate its significance, making it a truly priceless piece of football history.


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