Rare Baseball Memorabilia Auction to Fund Scholarships

Imagine stepping into a time capsule crafted not of steel and glass but of cardboard and ink, filled with the very essence of early 20th-century baseball and vintage comics. This isn’t just any collection; it’s Harry W. O’Brien’s labor of love, accumulated over decades and rooted deeply in familial passion and historical significance. Soon, this treasure trove will find its way to new caretakers, courtesy of Paul McInnis Auctioneers in North Hampton, NH, who are poised to present the extensive collection to the public with a purpose that extends beyond mere acquisition.

Amassed diligently by the O’Brien family, starting with Daniel O’Brien’s efforts during his time serving in both World Wars, the collection has grown to include an astounding assortment of memorabilia. Daniel’s son Harry later expanded this impressive collection, which now plays a crucial role in supporting future generations through the University of New Hampshire Scholarship Fund. Every dollar raised from the auction will contribute directly to making higher education accessible for aspiring students.

Within this remarkable collection are over 300 T206 cards, a treasure in the realm of baseball card collecting, featuring no fewer than 48 Hall of Famers like Christie Mathewson and Cy Young. But the gems don’t stop there. The trove includes a complete set of 1911 T201 Mecca Folders and 80 Goudey cards from the 1930s, spotlighting legends such as Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.

The diversity of the collection extends beyond baseball. Also featured are 1910 T218 Mecca boxing cards, with heavyweight Jack Johnson prominent among them, and a sundry of vintage non-sports cards. Additionally, the auction offers a nostalgic dive into the superhero era with high-grade 1940s comics, showcasing iconic figures like Superman and Batman, promising to draw considerable attention from comic enthusiasts and collectors.

Adding a touch of historical allure, the auction includes rare ticket stubs from momentous events, including one from the inaugural game at Fenway Park in 1912. Such artifacts represent not just financial value but a tangible piece of sports history, enriching the collection’s appeal to historians and aficionados alike.

The Paul McInnis Auction team has meticulously prepared for this event, ensuring that each item, many in pristine condition and professionally graded by SGC, is presented in a manner befitting its significance. The auction is set as a live virtual webcast, allowing bidders from around the globe to partake in this unique opportunity. Scheduled for Saturday, May 4, 2024, at 11:00 AM, pre-bidding is already available, stirring early interest among eager collectors and philanthropists.

This auction isn’t just an opportunity to own a piece of history; it’s a chance to invest in the future. As potential bidders update their calendars and check their internet connections, the buzz around the Harry W. O’Brien Collection grows, not just for its historical and financial significance but for its impact on the lives of future students at the University of New Hampshire. The convergence of history, philanthropy, and collectibles makes this auction an unmissable event for enthusiasts around the world.


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