Rare Baseball Cards at Summer Auction

Heritage Auctions is gearing up to wow sports memorabilia enthusiasts with their upcoming Summer Sports Card Catalog Auction on July 12-13. This event promises a dazzling array of rare and highly sought-after baseball cards, as well as sealed packs, boxes, and cases filled with potential hidden gems that collectors will surely drool over.

Among the star attractions in this summer auction are top-tier items like a mint-condition 1952 Topps Jackie Robinson card, a gem-mint Michael Jordan Fleer rookie card, and a gem-mint chrome rookie card autographed by the talented Bryce Harper in his early days. Collectors can also look forward to signed Shohei Ohtani cards and best-of-the-best Ty Cobb tobacco cards, adding a touch of allure and prestige to the event.

One of the most intriguing highlights is a collection of 1959 baseball cards that were once stapled to containers of Canadian cookies produced by Dad’s Cookies. These cards, exceptionally rare with only 69 examples reported by PSA, feature a stellar lineup of legendary players including Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Stan Musial, Whitey Ford, and many more. The history behind these cards is as fascinating as their scarcity, making them highly coveted among collectors.

The Dad’s Cookies cards, originally created by Exhibits Supply Company in 1959, carry a rich history rooted in sports memorabilia and advertising. Stapled to bags of cookies as promotional items, each card featured an autographed picture of a “BIG LEAGUE BASEBALL STAR,” encouraging kids to collect all 64 cards. Their rarity is attributed to the limited surviving examples due to the distribution method, adding to their allure among collectors.

This auction also boasts two of the most sought-after Ty Cobb T206 cards from the early 1900s. The El Principe de Gales Ty Cobb graded PSA NM 7 is exceptionally rare with only one known example bearing the advertisement on the back. The American Beauty Portrait-Red Cobb graded PSA EX-MT 6 is the highest-graded example of its kind, making them prized possessions for T206 collectors.

In addition to rare baseball cards, collectors can dive into sealed boxes and cases offering a glimpse of nostalgia and the thrill of uncovering hidden treasures. Items like the 1970 Topps Baseball Wax Box and newer boxes like the 2015 Upper Deck Hockey Series 1 Hobby Unopened Case provide a sense of anticipation and adventure as collectors search for rare cards such as rookie gems or autographed patches.

Heritage Auctions’ Summer Sports Card Catalog Auction promises an unforgettable experience for sports memorabilia enthusiasts, providing a golden opportunity to acquire some of the rarest and most valuable baseball cards in existence. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a passionate enthusiast, this auction is set to deliver excitement, history, and the thrill of uncovering hidden treasures in the world of sports memorabilia.


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