Parlay at Graybo’s: Ultimate Fan Experience in Richmond

Richmond, Virginia welcomes a groundbreaking establishment, Parlay at Graybo’s, a fusion of a lively sports bar and an enticing sports card shop. Nestled in the vibrant Scott’s Addition neighborhood, known for its entertainment offerings, this venue redefines the fan experience.

Conceived by Duke Dodson, Ryan Fitz, and Gray “Graybo” Burnette, Parlay at Graybo’s aims to provide a social hub where guests can revel in the excitement of unveiling new card packs, engaging in live card breaks, and catching sporting events on oversized screens. The official unveiling took place on May 18 with a grand launch event featuring the Preakness Stakes viewing, accompanied by live music and special entertainment.

Occupying the former space of the Circuit Arcade Bar at 3117 W. Leigh Street, Parlay at Graybo’s cleverly connects the sports bar and card shop through a breezeway adorned with a miniature putting green, enhancing the interactive ambiance of the venue.

The brains behind Parlay at Graybo’s bring a wealth of experience and a profound love for the sports card industry. Duke Dodson, a card collector since the late 1980s, reignited his passion in 2021, leveraging his expertise in business and finance to make a mark in Richmond’s real estate scene. Gray Burnette, a history buff turned entrepreneur, transitioned from the education sector to embark on this venture post-pandemic challenges, while Ryan Fitz, with a background in property management and technology, injects a modern flair into the business.

Inspired by nostalgic memories of their card collecting days and driven to create a space catering to both children and adults, the trio expanded the humble sports card shop into a larger, more versatile location. The new space spans 3,300 square feet for the sports bar and 2,200 square feet for the card shop, a strategic move expected to drive increased foot traffic due to its prime location in an entertainment-rich area.

Parlay at Graybo’s introduces an innovative element wherein patrons can engage in or spectate live card breaks from the bar, infusing the excitement reminiscent of game days. The founders nurture a collector community through their eBay store, a weekly podcast, and online live breaks, fostering engagement locally and beyond.

Ryan Fitz highlights the burgeoning collector base in Richmond, spanning amateurs to seasoned investors, making Parlay at Graybo’s a inclusive haven for all. Duke Dodson’s timely acquisition of the Circuit property paved the way for this pioneering venture, seizing the closure as an opportunity for a fresh start.

Blending a sports bar with a card shop is a trailblazing concept in the region, offering a distinctive and dynamic ambiance that is sure to captivate sports aficionados and card collectors alike, promising a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.


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