NFL Playoffs Boost Value of Top Quarterbacks’ Rookie Cards in Auctions

During the 2023-24 NFL playoffs, the final four quarterbacks have not only been making a splash on the field but also in the world of sports memorabilia. Their rare rookie cards are experiencing a surge in online auctions, as collectors and fans vie for a piece of football history. Among these quarterbacks are the high-end hobby hero Patrick Mahomes II from Kansas City, San Francisco’s second-year sensation Brock Purdy, Baltimore’s versatile Lamar Jackson, and Detroit’s emerging veteran Jared Goff.

The AFC Championship game sets up an electrifying matchup between Mahomes, a two-time Super Bowl champion, and Jackson, the front-runner for the 2023 NFL MVP award. Meanwhile, the NFC championship will see Purdy and Goff, both among the top five in passing yards and ranked third and fourth in passing touchdowns, respectively, compete for a coveted spot in the Super Bowl.

In the world of sports collectibles, these four quarterbacks are seeing their rookie cards attract high bids on eBay in January. One standout item is a 2017 autographed Panini National Treasures Black card of Patrick Mahomes, which sold for an impressive $19,300 on 62 bids. Another notable Mahomes item, a 2017 signed Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket card graded BGS 9.5, fetched a substantial $16,577 from 51 bids.

Brock Purdy’s 2022 Playoff Contenders signed Rookie Ticket “Cracked Ice” variation, graded PSA 10 and one of only 22 made, sold for an impressive $10,268 on 27 bids. This follows a trend of Purdy rookie cards selling for over $10,000, such as a 2022 National Treasures signed patch card graded PSA 9 that garnered a remarkable $15,000 on 53 bids.

Lamar Jackson’s rookie cards have also seen significant action, with a Gem-Mint 2018 Panini Prizm Black Finite card fetching an astounding $51,100 on 76 bids. Another sought-after Jackson item, a 2018 National Treasures autographed patch card numbered #27/99 and graded BGS 9.5, sold for a noteworthy $18,000 on 39 bids.

Jared Goff, despite a mixed start with the Rams and subsequent improvement since joining the Lions, is also seeing growing interest in his cards. A 2019 Panini Absolute Kaboom! card, a gold variation marked #6/10, went for $3,049 on 50 bids, and a 2016 Donruss Optic Gold Prizm rookie card marked #2/10 and graded BGS 10 sold for a notable $2,950 on 32 bids.

As the NFL playoffs continue, the excitement on the field is mirrored in the sports memorabilia market. The rookie cards of these top quarterbacks have proven to be not only valuable but also highly sought-after items among collectors and fans alike. With each pass, touchdown, and victory, the value of these cards continues to rise, solidifying their place as coveted pieces of football history. As the playoffs progress, it will be fascinating to see how the performances of Mahomes, Purdy, Jackson, and Goff further impact the market for their rookie cards.


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