New Insurance Plan for Canadian Sports Memorabilia Enthusiasts

In an intriguing turn of events for Canadian collectors, a glimmer of hope now shines on those who treasure sports cards and memorabilia, thanks to a freshly rolled out insurance program tailored just for them. The unveiling of this specialized insurance scheme, brought forth by NFP, a renowned property and casualty broker in collaboration with Berkley Asset Protection, heralds a new era of security for collectors whose valuable items are often at the mercy of inadequate coverage provided by standard homeowners’ policies.

Delving into the nooks and crannies of this much-needed service, the program is not just about ensuring your prized Wayne Gretzky rookie card or that autographed baseball from Joe Carter. No, it delves deeper, addressing sharp-edged risks with a finesse that only comes when experts in fine art underwriting step into the sports arena. The driving force behind this initiative, Greg Dunn, Managing Director of Personal Risk at NFP in Canada, articulates the crucial need for this insurance. He illuminates the plight of collectors who, upon fetching significant acquisitions, find themselves tiptoeing on the shaky ground of potential coverage gaps. The new program promises to lay down a robust safety net, fostering peace of mind from the very first moment of purchase.

Adding layers to this protective shield, the program comes specially designed with an in-built “total peace of mind” feature—automatic coverage for new acquisitions and comprehensive transit coverage. This ensures that whether your collectibles are cozily sitting at home or journeying across borders, they are under constant vigilance, safeguarded against unforeseen harms.

The blueprint of this collector-centric insurance solution was drawn with precise strokes by Olivia Cinqmars-Viau, AVP of fine art underwriting at Berkley Asset Protection. Diving deep into the fabric of collectors’ needs, Cinqmars-Viau and her team meticulously crafted a plan that doesn’t merely throw a wide net but instead intelligently captures the intricacies involved in collecting sports memorabilia. This is not a one-size-fits-all affair but a refined, customized suit of armor, tailoring to the elements unique to the world of sports collectibles.

The embracement of this innovative insurance program isn’t limited to the entities creating it but extends its arms to key figures in the collector’s community. Steve Menzie, the seasoned president, and owner of the Sport Card & Memorabilia Expo, which is nothing less than a carnival for collectors in Canada, tipped his hat in favor of the new arrangement. According to Menzie, collectors often oscillate between sentimental values and the stark financial realities of their collections. His praise for the partnership between NFP and Berkley underscores the importance of securing financial investments in collectibles, emphasizing that it’s not just passion but also smart economics.

To paint the town with news of this safety net for collectors, NFP’s Personal Risk team will set their camp at the upcoming Sport Card & Memorabilia Expo in Toronto. From April 25-28, they will be all hands on deck, ready to kindle conversations, answer curiosities, and spread the good word about this novel insurance program. This outreach is only a snippet of NFP’s broader canvas of commitments aimed at ameliorating the unique worries and wishes of collectors far and wide.

Spanning over 1,000 staff in Canada with a global footprint exceeding 8,000, NFP stands as a sturdy tree under whose shade many have found respite. As the world spins and the collectibles gain not only years but also value, the introduction of such a tailored insurance program is a testament to the evolving understanding of personal assets in our lives. For collectors, the scenario is no longer about locking away treasures in the dark but displaying them proudly, backed by the assurance that comes with comprehensive, thoughtful insurance coverage. The delightful collaboration of NFP and Berkley Asset Protection might just be the guardian angel that collectors in Canada were waiting for.


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