MagPro Magnetic Acrylic Card Holders: Premium Protection & Display

MagPro has set the stage for a game-changing era in card collecting with the introduction of their Magnetic Acrylic Card Holders. These innovative holders not only provide top-tier protection for trading cards but also elevate the display to a new level of sophistication.

Crafted with a user-friendly slide-in hinge and magnetic closure, MagPro’s card holders offer convenience and security without the need for a screwdriver. This ensures that cards can be effortlessly stored and accessed while minimizing the risk of damage. The UV-blocking additives infused in the holders act as a shield against harmful rays, preventing card deterioration and fading. Moreover, the acid-free materials used in the holders offer an added layer of protection against environmental factors that could compromise the card quality.

In addition to superior protection, MagPro’s card holders boast premium display features that enhance the visual appeal of any card collection. The frosted borders and ultra-clear materials not only showcase the cards beautifully but also exude elegance. The diamond corners are designed to keep the card corners sharp and undamaged, maintaining the overall condition and value of the cards on display.

Versatility is key when it comes to card collecting, and MagPro’s Magnetic Acrylic Card Holders cater to a wide range of collectible cards. From rare gaming cards to standard sports trading cards, these holders accommodate the common card size of 2.5″ x 3.5″ and are available in various thickness options to suit different collection needs.

MagPro understands the diverse needs of collectors and retailers alike, which is why they offer their premium card holders at competitive prices with bulk purchasing options. Whether you’re looking to safeguard your personal collection or stock up for retail, MagPro provides a cost-effective solution:

– Purchase 100 holders for $1.50 each

– Purchase 1,000 holders for $1.25 each

– Purchase 10,000 holders for $1.00 each

This pricing structure makes MagPro’s card holders a viable choice for individual collectors aiming to protect their entire collection or for retailers looking to offer high-quality protection options to their customers.

For seasoned collectors invested in preserving their valuable assortment or new enthusiasts eager to kickstart their collection journey, MagPro’s Magnetic Acrylic Card Holders deliver the perfect blend of protection, quality, and style. With MagPro, securing your investment and showcasing your cards with flair has never been simpler.


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