Legendary Walter Johnson Jersey Auction

A piece of baseball history is about to take the spotlight as Heritage Auctions gears up to showcase a rare gem—an authentic jersey worn by the iconic Hall of Fame pitcher Walter Johnson during his stint with the Washington Senators from 1919 to 1922. This jersey, crafted from grey flannel, is not only a relic of a bygone era but also a testament to the stellar career of Johnson, renowned for his impressive records that include 3,508 strikeouts and 110 shutouts.

What sets this jersey apart is not just its connection to the legendary player but also its scarcity, with only two such jerseys known to exist. The provenance of this particular jersey adds another layer of intrigue, as it was once owned by Johnson’s teammate Eric “Swat” Erickson. The fact that this piece of history has been preserved in its original condition further adds to its allure.

Sporting an A10 rating from MEARS, a renowned sports memorabilia authentication company, this jersey has garnered praise for its authenticity and historical significance. Additionally, the presence of a letter from authenticator Dave Grob attests to its provenance and heritage. Despite showing minor signs of wear and rust from its time in storage, the jersey remains a prized possession for any baseball enthusiast.

With a previous sale price of $352,000 back in 2006, the upcoming auction is expected to shatter records, with estimates suggesting a potential sale price exceeding $3 million. This significant increase in value over the years is a testament to the enduring legacy of Walter Johnson and the reverence he commands in the world of baseball memorabilia.

As collectors and sports fans eagerly await the auction, the opportunity to own a piece of baseball history—a jersey that once graced the shoulders of a pitching maestro like Walter Johnson—presents a unique and exciting prospect. The journey of this jersey from the diamond to the auction block is a tale of nostalgia, preservation, and a shared love for the game that transcends generations.

Get ready to witness history in the making as this rare Walter Johnson jersey finds a new home and continues to weave its story into the rich tapestry of baseball lore.


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