Johnny Unitas’ Super Bowl and Championship Rings Garner Over $400,000 at Auction

In a prelude to Super Bowl Sunday, an auction event in Las Vegas saw Johnny Unitas’ Super Bowl and championship rings fetch a staggering total of over $400,000. This annual Super Bowl Auction showcased several items from the legendary Hall of Fame quarterback’s illustrious career, all consigned by his family. Despite his early exit from Super Bowl V due to injury, Unitas’ memorabilia garnered tremendous interest and generated high bids.

The highlight of the auction was Unitas’ Super Bowl V ring, which sold for an impressive price of $258,500. This cherished piece symbolized the Baltimore Colts’ victory in the game against the Dallas Cowboys. Surpassing the value of his 1958 NFL championship ring by over $100,000, the Super Bowl ring held immense sentimental and historical value. It commemorated Unitas’ contribution to the iconic overtime victory against the New York Giants, a game that is often credited with elevating the national stature of professional football.

Alongside the Super Bowl V ring, other items from Unitas’ remarkable career were also up for auction. His Hall of Fame ring, a symbol of his induction into football’s highest honor, sold for an impressive $38,175. Additionally, his 1967 NFL MVP award, earned for his exceptional performance that season, went under the hammer for $64,625. Lastly, a pair of signature high-top cleats worn by Unitas during his playing days sold for $27,025, further solidifying the enduring value of his memorabilia.

Sharing the spotlight with Unitas’ Super Bowl ring was a jersey worn by Tom Brady during the 2014 season opener. Authenticated by MeiGray, this game-worn jersey fetched an identical price of $258,500. The significance of this jersey lies in the fact that it was worn during a season where Brady secured his fourth Super Bowl title out of the seven he would eventually win over his career. It was a testament to Brady’s dominance and legacy in the sport.

The auction also showcased items from other football legends, including Anthony Munoz, the Hall of Fame offensive lineman. A game-worn Cincinnati Bengals jersey from the 1980s, representing Munoz’s time with the team, sold for $16,450. Another item was the uniform worn by Munoz in his final NFL game, which realized a final bid of $11,456, underlining the significance of Munoz’s contribution to the sport.

Other noteworthy sales at the auction included a game-worn Brock Purdy jersey from 2023, which sold for $30,550, and a Lamar Jackson game-worn jersey from 2022, which fetched $22,325. Collectors also vied for a Ronnie Lott game-worn helmet from the 1980s, which sold for $19,975, as well as a Dan Marino game-worn jersey from 1997, which went for $17,625. Lastly, a game-used Super Bowl XXXVIII football garnered a bid of $14,100, further emphasizing the allure and value of football memorabilia.

The auction event celebrated the enduring legacy of football legends and the value placed on owning a piece of sports history. Collectors and fans alike found themselves captivated by the opportunity to acquire these iconic items, showcasing the timeless appeal of football memorabilia and its ability to transcend generations. As the auction concluded, it was clear that the legacy of players like Johnny Unitas and Tom Brady continues to resonate with football enthusiasts around the world.


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