Jason Koonce: Sports Memorabilia Mogul

Jason Koonce, once a young boy with a passion for collecting sports cards, has now transformed into a prominent figure in the sports memorabilia industry. Hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Koonce’s entrepreneurial journey is one steeped in dedication, hard work, and a profound love for the world of sports.

As the founder and CEO of OTIA Sports, Jason Koonce has curated a business that caters to the needs of individual collectors and corporate entities seeking to delve into the excitement of sports marketing. With a childhood spent funding his card-collecting hobby by shoveling driveways, Koonce has transitioned into managing a multimillion-dollar enterprise that thrives on providing exclusive experiences, facilitating high-value collection acquisitions, and conducting direct sales to a select clientele.

The hallmark of OTIA Sports lies in its unique array of services that set it apart from conventional sports memorabilia businesses. Exclusive Connections, Sell Your Collection, and Elite Marketplace are the trifecta that distinguishes OTIA Sports, offering clients unmatched access to private signings and events with sports icons, while also ensuring top dollar returns for those looking to sell their memorabilia without incurring exorbitant auction house fees. The Elite Marketplace further guarantees premium prices for high-quality memorabilia by connecting discerning buyers directly with sellers.

Jason Koonce’s ascent from a sports card enthusiast to a respected industry leader is a testament to his adeptness in creating unforgettable moments for his clients and procuring rare treasures that capture the essence of sports history. Drawing the attention of celebrities, athletes, and corporate partners, Koonce’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and genuine collectibles underscores his dedication to both his craft and clients.

With a steadfast allegiance to his beloved University of Michigan Wolverines, Koonce not only showcases his loyalty but also extends the same dedication to his clients, offering them the thrill of acquiring their most cherished collectibles at competitive prices. Collaborating with influential personalities like Gary Vaynerchuck (GaryVee) and venturing into significant deals such as obtaining extensive Topps Baseball sets showcases the extent of OTIA Sports’ reach and influence within the memorabilia market.

Despite the demanding nature of his travel schedule and the responsibilities of family life, Jason Koonce remains unwavering in his commitment to expanding OTIA Sports’ footprint, seamlessly bridging the gap between sports history and its ardent enthusiasts. His success story serves as a poignant example of how a childhood hobby, nurtured with passion and dedication, can burgeon into a thriving business venture founded on the tenets of perseverance, expertise, and an enduring love for the game.


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