Historic Ruth Rookie Season Postcard Set for Million-Dollar Auction

An exceedingly rare and highly sought-after 1915 Boston Red Sox team postcard, featuring Babe Ruth in his debut season, is set to be highlighted in an upcoming auction later this month. With only ten known graded postcards of its kind in existence, this piece of baseball memorabilia is a remarkable find for collectors and enthusiasts.

The prestigious auction house, Heritage Auctions, is gearing up to present this item, which is particularly distinguished as the highest-graded example of any Babe Ruth rookie year card, in its highly anticipated February Platinum Auction. With a PSA rating of 6, this card is estimated to fetch upwards of $1 million.

Depicting the Red Sox team labeled as the “American League Champions,” the postcard likely originates from before or during the 1915 World Series. Babe Ruth is prominently featured in the back row of the team photograph.

During the World Series that year, the Red Sox played their games at Braves Field, the stadium belonging to the city’s National League team. This decision came about due to Braves Field’s larger seating capacity compared to the relatively new Fenway Park at the time.

On the postcard, each member of the Red Sox team is identified by surname and playing position. Notably, Ruth is shown standing next to Carl Mays, another rookie pitcher. Mays would later join Ruth in playing for the 1920 New York Yankees, but is infamously remembered for a tragic incident in which his pitch struck and killed Cleveland player Ray Chapman in August of that year. The card also features Hall of Famers Tris Speaker and Harry Hooper.

This auction follows the recent sale of a 1914 Baltimore News Babe Ruth card, which fetched an astounding $7.25 million. Interestingly, both the 1914 and 1915 cards have a graded population of only ten each.

Describing the 1915 postcard as one of the most significant trading cards ever to be offered in the hobby’s auction market, Heritage Auctions highlights its rarity and historical value.

Prospective bidders and interested parties should take note that the auction bidding will commence on February 2nd. This marks a significant event for baseball history collectors and fans of Babe Ruth, providing a unique opportunity to acquire this historic piece.


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