Historic Baseball Card Sets in REA’s May Encore Auction

Robert Edward Auctions (REA) is currently hosting its highly anticipated May Encore auction, inviting sports memorabilia enthusiasts to delve into a collection of over 3,600 lots encompassing a wide array of items. The auction, spanning ten days, offers a nostalgic journey through the history of baseball, featuring iconic card sets and rare memorabilia that will surely excite collectors and fans alike.

Among the standout pieces at the auction are historic baseball card sets that take enthusiasts back to the early days of the sport. One notable highlight is a T206 White Border Ty Cobb Bat Off Shoulder card from 1909-1911, distinguished by its rare Uzit back. Additionally, collectors have the opportunity to bid on a Ty Cobb rookie card from the 1907 Wolverine News Postcard series, adding a touch of vintage charm to any collection.

The auction also boasts a selection of vintage baseball sets, including the complete 1957 Topps Set and the near-complete 1958 Topps set. High-grade cards from the 1950s Bowman and Topps sets featuring rookie cards of baseball legends such as Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, and Sandy Koufax are also up for grabs. Furthermore, collectors can indulge in a complete set break of the iconic 1951 Bowman set, offering a comprehensive look at this revered collection.

In addition to baseball cards, the auction features an array of memorabilia pieces that add depth and context to the sports collectibles on offer. Items such as a ticket stub from the 1957 NFL Championship Game and a 1920 Real Photo Postcard depicting the Harvard football team that participated in the Rose Bowl provide a glimpse into the rich history of sports beyond the realm of baseball.

Brian Dwyer, the President of REA, expressed enthusiasm about the auction, citing the exceptional quality of the lots following the success of their spring sale, which generated $15.4 million. Dwyer noted the strong interest from collectors and the premium nature of the items featured in the auction, highlighting the appeal of rare and high-end sports memorabilia to enthusiasts across the globe.

Collectors and bidders alike have until May 19 to participate in the auction on the REA website, with bidding for each item starting at a modest $10. This auction presents a unique opportunity for sports memorabilia enthusiasts to not only acquire rare collectibles but also to immerse themselves in the storied past of baseball and sports history. With a diverse range of items on offer, REA’s May Encore auction is a must-visit for anyone passionate about the timeless allure of sports collectibles.


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