Fanatics/Topps: A Grand Slam in Dynamic Sports Cards Lineup

Hold on to your hats collectors! Fanatics/Topps is about the drizzle the sports card universe with a refreshing shower of creativity and diversity. As they eagerly anticipate the acquisition of NBA and NFL licenses in the next couple of years, the company hasn’t put a pause on its innovative, high-intensity sports card production. The game plan was energetically chalked out during a recent Industry Conference in Atlanta, which promised a piquant buffet of offerings in basketball, football, UFC, soccer, and F1.

Like a basketball player on the verge of a slam dunk, Topps Chrome is making a much-awaited comeback to basketball lovers this summer: a decade after its last release. The fervor meter is already tipping dangerously with the teaser of an autographed card featuring Victor Wembanyama, the NBA rookie sensation. And the good news doesn’t stop there: exclusive autograph contracts with superstars LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Shaquille O’Neal ensure the excitement will continue. A slew of basketball collectibles including Midnight Cosmic, Chrome Finest, Motif, Royalty Collection, Collegiate Chrome, and Bowman U Chrome are in the works, with the latter lacking NBA logos until the Panini America license handover next year.

Football fans, don’t feel left out! Topps has got you covered. To ride out the inevitable anticipation for the NFL license in 2026, your collector’s appetite will be whetted with college-themed card offerings. Keep an eye out for the Motif, Composite, Collegiate Chrome, Collegiate Royalty, Bowman U Chrome, and Bowman U Best collections poised to hit the market in the summer of 2024.

Taking a detour from basketball and football, we visit the vibrant, roaring stadiums of soccer. With the introduction of the Champions League Dynasty product, featuring autographs and match-worn gear, and the debut of women’s Champions League product, the soccer card scene is sure to get a robust kickstart. Injecting another thrill factor is the ‘The Grail’ inserts available across six different soccer products, offering a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the 2024-25 Champions League Final. To sum it up practically, soccer fans are in for a gratifying treat!

MMA enthusiasts, you’re also on Topps’ radar. Thanks to their UFC license, Topps will resurrect the beloved Finest series while throwing in a medley of premium collections, including Royal, UFC Midnight, Knockout, and Gold Label.

Finally, let’s shift gears and race over to F1 fans. Expanding its existing line-up, Topps will introduce the Paddock Pass and other new collections such as Topps Chrome Finest and Dynasty, adding thickness to the overall F1 surprises.

This zealous and diversified plan of releases from Fanatics/Topps underlines their commitment to stretch horizons and revolutionize the sports card collecting experience. Collectors, brace yourselves – exciting times are surely, vividly, on the horizon! As they blend high-profile sports, incorporate star-struck endorsements, and promise the grandeur of exclusive collectibles, Fanatics/Topps is revving up to become the inviting darkness before an exhilarating dawn in the sports card industry.


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