Exciting New Sports Card Releases to Kick Off 2024

As the chilly weather keeps us indoors, sports card collectors can look forward to some exciting new releases hitting the shelves and online platforms in the coming weeks. From football to hockey, baseball, and basketball, there’s something for every collector’s taste. Let’s take a closer look at the upcoming releases:

1. SAGE Low Series Football – January 12, 2024

SAGE Low Series Football is making an early appearance this year, perfect for football card enthusiasts. This pre-draft release from SAGE may lack team logos, but it compensates with a variety of autographed cards. Each box contains 16 packs, featuring one autograph and seven cards in total. Keep an eye out for the new SP Kaleidoscope Autographs and on-card signatures in the Next Level autograph cards. Hobby boxes are currently available for under $130 on eBay, and blaster boxes are also an option for collectors.

2. 2022-23 Upper Deck ICE Hockey – Available Now

Even though it’s still branded for the previous season, the 2022-23 Upper Deck ICE Hockey is now available. Each box offers 12 packs with six cards, usually including an autograph or memorabilia card. Notable features of this release include hard-signed Ice Premieres Auto and Auto Patch cards, as well as a 250-card base set. The Signature Swatches cards add a unique element with a hard-signed autograph and game-worn jersey swatch. These boxes are currently priced around $125.

3. Bowman’s Best Baseball – January 17, 2023

Bowman’s Best Baseball focuses on prospects and rookies, offering 12 packs per Hobby box, divided into two mini-boxes. Collectors can expect at least three Chrome autograph cards in each box. This year’s edition also features an insert set by Hall of Famer Randy Johnson, adding to the excitement. The best eBay price for these boxes is currently $289. Additionally, 2023 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball will also be releasing on the same day.

4. Topps Stadium Club Baseball – January 24, 2023

After a delay from its original October release, Topps Stadium Club Baseball is finally hitting the market. This set is known for its captivating, photo-focused 300-card base set that showcases stunning player shots. It comes in two Hobby box versions. Hobby boxes can be purchased for $148, giving collectors a chance to add some visually appealing cards to their collections. On the same day, 2023-24 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey will also be released, promising two autograph and/or memorabilia cards per box.

5. 2023-24 Panini Donruss Basketball – January 26, 2023

Basketball collectors can rejoice with the release of 2023-24 Panini Donruss Basketball. This edition features fat packs and the highly sought-after Rated Rookies. Hobby boxes contain ten packs, each packed with 30 cards, including one autograph. Panini Donruss Basketball offers collectors the opportunity to add some excitement to their basketball collections.

6. 2023 Panini Phoenix Football – January 26, 2023

On the same day, collectors can also look forward to the release of 2023 Panini Phoenix Football. These boxes contain two autographs, one memorabilia card, and various other collectibles. With a price range of $300-$350 online, this release offers collectors a chance to score some valuable cards and expand their football collections.

Get ready to warm up your winter with these thrilling sports card releases. Whether you’re a football fan, a hockey enthusiast, a baseball fanatic, or a basketball junkie, there’s a release for you. Don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities to add some excitement to your collection!


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