$10,000 Reward for Return of Rare Mike Tyson Signature Series Coin Prototypes

Celebrity Mint, a Houston-based producer of precious metal coins featuring notable sports personalities, is offering a generous $10,000 reward to anyone who can aid in the recovery of four prototype coins that were lost in transit. These prototypes are an integral part of the recently unveiled Mike Tyson Signature Series and consist of two 2 oz. and two 5 oz. silver coins, each crafted from .999 pure silver.

The unfortunate loss occurred in October as the coins were being shipped to the highly anticipated New York Comic Con. Despite a thorough 90-day investigation by the courier, the coins remain unlocated, prompting Celebrity Mint to turn to the public for assistance.

The prototype coins, which showcase Tyson in his prime and are certified by the prestigious Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), are considered irreplaceable by Celebrity Mint. Their purpose was to promote the upcoming Tyson collection at Comic Con, but they failed to reach their destination, leaving a void in the showcase event.

These missing coins are visually striking, featuring a vibrant depiction of Tyson with his iconic red gloves and black shorts on one side. The reverse side of the coins showcases Tyson with championship belts and a silhouette of King Charles III, symbolizing their minting in the Cook Islands. Each coin carries a unique certification number and spec number, making them easily identifiable:

Certification number 48311438, spec number 931992

Certification number 48311439, spec number 931992

Certification number 48311440, spec number 931991

Certification number 48311441, spec number 931991

Celebrity Mint, known for debuting its legal tender trading coins with wrestling legend Ric Flair at the October New York Comic Con, emphasizes the significance of these prototypes and the company’s commitment to recovering them. Each coin represents a piece of art and history that cannot be replicated.

In their quest to recover these precious lost coins, Celebrity Mint urges anyone who possesses information about their whereabouts, particularly those who can identify them through their unique certification numbers, to contact them immediately. You can reach Celebrity Mint at (713) 597-6367 or send an email to ryan@celebritymint.com. Your assistance could help restore these valuable coins to their rightful place and earn you a rewarding $10,000.

Remember, these coins hold immense value in both the realm of precious metals and the world of sports memorabilia. If you have any knowledge or leads regarding their disappearance, please come forward and help return these one-of-a-kind prototypes to their rightful owner. Your efforts can make a significant difference and be handsomely rewarded by Celebrity Mint.

Let us all come together to ensure the recovery of these rare Mike Tyson Signature Series coin prototypes, so they can once again be admired and cherished by fans and collectors alike.


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